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3D Architect Home Designer Pro

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Professional floor plan software which has been developed for professional builders, property developers & interior designers. 3D Architect Home Designer Pro enables you to easily draw building project to levels suitable for planning submissions, add detailing and working drawings for building control and visualize it in a detailed 3D model.

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Using an all new interface, toolset and graphics engine, Eleco Software bring the ultimate title in their new 3D Architect Home Design range. The 3D Architect Home Design range has been specially developed for users with no previous CAD experience. Easy to use, with a drag-and-drop environment but with a powerful and flexible range of options to suit all designs.

The 3D Architect Home Designer Pro software is an all-in-one solution for property developers, builders, self-builders and home improvers. A comprehensive set of tools suitable for those wanting to design a self-build, extension, conversion or re-modelling project. 3D Architect Home Designer Pro will enable you to easily draw your building to levels suitable for planning submissions, add detailing and working drawings for building control and visualise it in a detailed 3D model.

Key Features of 3D Architect Home Designer Pro floor plan software:

Suitable for builders, property developers, designers, self-builders
Powerful and extensive tool-set for creating 2D floor plans, elevations, section details
Fully interactive graphics for modifying construction elements and individual component parts
Instant 2D floor plans to 3D models
Create detailed drawing sets for planning applications
Landscaping tools for marking out plot, paths, ponds etc and for setting height levels
Terrain brush for fine ground detailing
Library containing thousands of furnishing objects and textures
Add objects direct from Sketchup 3D Warehouse
Add realism with 3D textures
3D walkthrough function
In-line measurements for directly modifying selected elements
Advanced component editors
Set geographic position through Google Maps
Set time of day and simulate lighting effect
3D Rendering options available including 3D texture overlay
3D textures and bump-mapping capabilities
Instant elevation viewer
Break apart 2D elevation views
Plan mode assistant for producing detailed drawing sets for planning applications
Save unlimited plan layouts for use with future projects
Detailing tools for working and building control drawings
Multi-thickness wall types
Scan assistant for importing existing drawing images in to plan
Add cavity wall detail
Layering function for adding wall hatchings and wrapping detail around windows/doors
Advanced wall junction options
Extensive range of windows & doors including bi-folding
Join multiple roof constructions together
Room height line display
Use 2D drawings tools to create 3D models
Advanced wall outline editing
Create multi-building developments
Modify wall levels at varying heights
Separately texture sections of walls
Live real-time rendering
Pre-set lighting scenes available. Modify existing ones or create new ones
In-line measurements for making direct changes around selected elements in both 2D and 3D
Large database of construction elements
Supports metric and imperial measurements
Import and Export DXF/DWG files
Windows 10 compatible

3D Architect Pro case study     3D Architect Pro case study

  3D Architect Pro case study  
3D Architect Pro case study   3D Architect Pro case study
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  System Requirements

  • Windows Based PC
  • Windows 10/8/7/Vista
  • 2Gb RAM
  • 1.2Gb Hard drive space
  • Supplied by digital download. (approx 1Gb)
  • PDF manuals included



Key Features of 3D Architect Home Designer Pro Software

No CAD knowledge required

One of the main advantages of the 3D Architect floor plan designer over traditional CAD systems is the use of a modular tool-set. It’s simple for anyone to learn, both experienced professionals and novice amateurs embarking on their first self-build project.

Easy to use interface for planning and design

The modular tool-set provides tools and icons for specific elements of the home design in a logical manner. Easily identifiable, each tool will guide you through a particular part of the design process. Each tool can be customized and adapted to your preferred drawing style with full flexible options, easily accessed at any time.

Drag & drop environment

Use simple drag & drop function to insert objects into your house plan, point and click to place walls or use numeric input methods to enter dimensions such as wall lengths.

2D plans to 3D models in a single click

Creating realistic 3d models for visualization couldn’t be simpler. Draw your floor plans in a traditional 2d plan view and your 3d model is created automatically at the same time. With a single mouse click or key press you can then enter the 3d mode to view your design, modify finishes and fittings and take a virtual tour of your building.

Room planning mode

Room planning tool enables you to build a complete floorplan of one room at a time. Select a room shape which closest matches to the design you have in mind and add to your floor plan area. Then add a dimension for each wall to create an accurate size room. Repeat the process with other rooms to create a full floor plan. Rooms created with the room planner tool can then be split into their component parts for further editing using the standard wall tools.

Advanced wall outline editing

Take full control of the profile of your walls for maximum design flexibility. Decide how and where walls interact with features such as stairs and roofs. Manually edit individual wall profiles to recreate unusual shapes, architectural features of even garden walls.

Modify existing walls with flexible editing tools

The 3D Architect floor plan creator  provides you with the flexibility to produce houseplans in your own way and when you need to change your plans, nothing could be simpler. With a complete suite of wall editing options available, amending, modifying or adding to your drawings is quick and intuitive. Simply select the tool that matches what you want to change and edit the wall. With options to enable you to change lengths, angles, wall ends, splitting walls, merging and trimming walls you can always ensure your home design can evolve with your requirements.


Our doors library contains many standard door types covering internal and external doors as well as garage doors, patio doors and bifold door tool.
The door library is just the starting point. All of the door components can be edited in great detail to ensure your home design project represents the elements you are using on your build.

Flexible design choices for windows

The extensive window customization tools allow for endless variations to be produced. Select a window from the existing library and change any aspect to ensure it suits your design requirements. Save your selections, preferences and new designs to the window library for future projects.

Stairs editor

Generate complex stair forms for your home design. You can adjust the parameters and see the changes instantly in 3D. Any type of stair types is supported. When placed, stairs will automatically create a ceiling cutout for the stairwell. Choose from a myriad of options to define all elements of the stairs, balustrades, risers and treads. Customize your 2D display to suit you preferred presentation style.

Integrate balconies and railings

Balconies can be attached to your floor plans using the simple balcony outline tool. Define the size and placement of the balcony and it will automatically integrate with your existing walls, placing parapet walls and/or railings where needed. Take full control of the railings to change style, size, and shape right down to specifying the fitting method. Use the independent railing tool to manually add rails around decks, walkways or gallery landings.

Produce simple or complex roof designs

For simple roof constructions you can select from any of the standard roof types in the library and simply drag and drop into position and amend pitch etc. as required. Alternatively use the free form roof editor to create complex roof designs for more unusual shaped buildings. Easily edit the roof settings from pitch and eaves height right through to wood construction details. Then modify the roof easily with dedicated tools for dormer windows and skylights.

Dormer roof editor

Create unique designs using the powerful dormer window tools. With all of the standard dormer styles available from a single menu option. Select the correct profile and customize as required with full control over pitch, window size and quantity and advanced options such as roof breaks.

Powerful editing and trimming tools

3D Architect software for home design helps you to automatically trim, mitre and join construction elements and line drawing details. Combined with the use of snap and guideline functions, the drawing of your house plans will be quick and easy.  

In-line Measurements

The perfect visual tool for spacing, sizing, measuring and adjusting your building elements. Our in-line measurement tool provides a fast, easy and visual method to make changes to the elements of your home design quickly and easily. Usable in both 2D construction mode and 3D design mode, in-line measurements can be used to change sizes and positions of doors, windows, walls, roofs etc. Lock parts of the element that you don’t want to be effected or show the effects of drag-and-drop re-positioning.

Metric and imperial measurement units

3D Architect home design software is created to cater for either metric or imperial measurement units. Define your preferred units for each project whether it’s meters, millimeters or feet and inches. Even swap from metric and imperial and back again at any time.

Powerful measuring and ruler tools

For simple design ideas, floor plan drawings can easily be created freehand. Floor plan designer contains many tools to ensure that your drawing elements are spaced and aligned correctly. With powerful guidelines, rulers, origins, grids and measures you can be certain that your plans will be correct every time.

Automatic and manual dimensions tools

2d plans and elevations in 3D Architect software are always drawn to scale (which you have full control over) and accordingly there are many ways of displaying important dimensions and measurements. Set automatic dimensions to display as you draw, choose from many styles of dimension line to add manually, use height point dimensions on elevations and cross-sections, easily add room areas and

Plot Tools

As part of the property design process, add in the details of your plot and use the landscaping tools to shape and contour your garden. Add individual height points to replicate known topography for a realistic representation of the property and plot in full 3D.

Use the in-built Google Maps function to locate the geographical co-ordinates of your plot and then use these to give accurate sun and shadow movements.

3D Architect comes complete with a full range of editing tools to allow you complete control to amend your designs.

Scaled drawing with full dimension tools

Dimensions scaled drawings often need to be annotated with precise information confirming sizes, angles, distances etc. 3D Architect comes complete with a full quota of dimension types to suit all requirements. From simple distance measurements right through to radial and arc dimensions, you can ensure you can fully annotate your drawings.

Instant Elevations

Due to the technology involved in providing 3D models from 2D floor-plans, 3D Architect can quickly produce elevation views for your designs. Commonly required as part of the planning process, elevations provide a scaled 2D view of each face of the building (normally from the standard compass points of North, East, South and West).

3D Architect enables you to generate your elevations automatically, using the height settings already defined as part of the standard drawing process.

Over 7000 furniture items and objects included

The standard library contains over 7000 3d models for the furnishing and fittings of your home design project. Included are objects for bathrooms, kitchens, living areas, dining, gardens, offices and many more. All objects can be amended and modified, re-sized and adjusted to your house plan needs.

Over 3500 textures and materials for decoration

Apply textures to surfaces, objects, fixtures and fittings to change their appearance and style of your house plans. Then add materials to provide reflective surfaces, glass properties and mirrored finishes.

Increase your library with import options

Need a specific texture or object for your floorplan or interior design? Can’t find anything suitable in the library? Easily add to the library to increase your options. Textures can be added in the common bmp format, enabling you to take images from the web, catalogs or you own images. Furthermore add more 3d objects to your catalog by using the import feature to import files in the widely used 3ds standard.

Enhance your 3d scene with picture backgrounds

Select from one of the photographic backgrounds included or use your own to provide a greater insight into how your home design will look in reality.

Check lighting and shadows

By selecting to use the variable daylight settings to light your 3d model, you are able to select your location anywhere in the world by entering your latitude and longitude (which can be imported from Google Maps).

3D virtual walk-through

Analyze your house designs in detail with the 3D walk-through function. Explore your 3D home design model to check for space or with animated door and window information, check your house plans would look in reality.

Share information with advanced export functions

This floor plan creator provides many ways to share your house plans and interior design projects with others. Just Create image files of your 2d and 3d views, save the floor plans as pdf files, produce a 3d model in o2c format to share with clients or export your house plans in CAD formats compatible with other home design software systems.